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Charity Efforts for Noma in Africa

Charity Efforts for Noma in Africa

There are many diseases killing people in Ethiopia. Only one out of every ten children make it to their first birthday. One of the worst deadly diseases is called Noma, this disease has been around for centuries. Noma attacks only the face. It eats the flesh off of the infected persons face. Gangrene acts in a similar manner as Noma does. A person that survives Noma is left with a severely deformed face, which makes it hard to fit in with the normal society. The disease is basically constantly eating the face off.

The only cure for Noma is surgery and antibiotics, but most people cannot afford the treatment. It usually takes two surgeries, the first one to remove the diseased skin and the second to reconstruct the face. In the late stages of the disease, the person is unable to eat or talk. Only 10% of infected people will survive.

Mr. Le Roux Fourie( has an established Leed cosmetic surgery practice that usually performs breast augmentation, tummy tucks and face lift. This surgeon decided to rescue some of the people in Ethiopia still suffering with Noma. Several other surgeons donated their time along with Fourie. they made a trip to Ethiopia and stayed for ten days. They tried to help as many people as they could in that time period. before they could help they had to screen the people and come up with the best people to undergo surgery. They were able to perform surgeries on 44 different people. This teams of surgeons ended up making three different trips in their first year. This is a great effort towards solving this problem, but they also realized they would never be able to help everyone. Some people were already too progressed into the stages of the disease. Many were unable to be treated and would eventually die of this disease.

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